My Work at Folsom State Prison as Editor-in-Chief of Old Folsom Today | 2019 - Present

When Loyalty is Misguided

​        by Louis A. Scott 

HIV Behind Bars

​by Louis A. Scott

Life of the Law

​​   Co-produced and hosted by Louis A. Scott

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Society of Professional Journalist

Honored to be a one of the first incarcerated men, of any prison, to become a member. Developed a natural capacity for reporting stories and learned the skills for how to be a journalist at San Quentin Radio. Several of my stories have aired on 91.7FM KALW in San Francisco. KALW has partnered with the producers at San Quentin Radio to bring us the San Quentin Prison Report, a series of stories that focus on the experiences of the men, written and produced by those living inside the prison's walls. 

December 2019 - 1st Edition         January 2020 - 2nd Edition       February 2020 - 3rd Edition

My Work at San Quentin State Prison | 2013 - 2019

​​Coming out as LGBTQ in Prison

           by Louis A. Scott

In Prison, Making Amends to Their Victims

                      by Louis A. Scott

Restorative Justice Facilitator 
Lead restorative justice sessions that help inmates understand the impact that their crime has upon the victim, the victim's family, the perpetrator, the perpetrator’s family and the community.

The Project S.T.E.P. (Sex Trafficking Exploitation Prevention)  Co-Founder and Facilitator 

Working with various non-profit organizations to educate the public about sex trafficking, provide resources and treatment to survivors who have been trafficked, and continue advocating for the end of sex trafficking.

​​​Coming to America 

by Louis A. Scott ​

​​Compassionate Release: Terminally Ill in Prison and Denied Release

                          by Louis A Scott

Living with AIDS Behind Prison Walls

                 by Louis A. Scott 

Lady Jay: Transgendered in Prison

              by Louis A. Scott